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Audcomp Guarded Services

Audcomp Guarded Services (AGS) will manage and maintain your anti-virus software on all computer devices, ensuring immediate detection and prevention to keep you up-to-date and always protected from the ever growing threat of intrusion. AGS runs on our cloud infrastructure, which allows us to provide you guaranteed and instant protection against any security risk. There is no need for you to invest in any software application or worry about licence renewals.

Office Protection

  • Maximum protection for PCs, laptops and servers
  • Easy to install, manage and maintain through a web console
  • Profile and group-based protection organization and management
  • Uninterrupted protection

Email Protection 

  • Spam filtering and SLA-backed  guarantee of 100% virus free email transmission
  • Simple email quarantine management
  • Guaranteed 24x7 availability

Internet Protection 

  • Reduces risk, lowers cost, improves resource utilization and simplifies IT administration
  • Built upon ground-breaking, high-performance technology that eliminates latency
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