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Audcomp, previously known as Audcomp Computer Systems, is a Canadian information technology solutions provider headquartered in Ancaster, Ontario. The company was founded by Audcomp’s President, Gary Sohal, in 1986 and is presently Hamilton’s largest information technology company operating throughout Ontario.

Audcomp specializes in developing solutions for IT infrastructure, enterprise data storage, networking hardware, software, IT procurement, and professional services.

Mr. Sohal’s vision of growing a large scale corporation has been diligent and extensive, starting with selling computer hardware out of his parents' basement in 1986. After he graduated from McMaster University with an Engineering Degree in 1991, Mr Sohal's determination to grow his business had become stronger. He opened a 700 square feet retail store in Hamilton. With the retail sector being the wave at that time, the business took off and grew at an exponential rate.

Realizing the potential of servicing business client needs, Audcomp acquired service authorizations from Compaq, HP, and IBM. This further allowed the business to capture a bigger portion of the local corporate market and propelled Audcomp to shift its focus more on corporate clientele.

Audcomp’s success started with local businesses, with one of its first corporate clients being the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), soon followed by Community Living Hamilton, Stoney Creek Furniture, Stelwire, McMaster University, Brock University, University of Guelph, the City of Hamilton, and the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board etc.

Continuing to gain recognition, Audcomp eventually outgrew the Hamilton office and needed to begin looking for something that would allow the company to service clients with a bigger and better infrastructure. In August 2010, the current home of Audcomp opened its doors at a location right in the heart of Ancaster’s business park, strategically situated to serve Audcomp’s growing geographical coverage in Southwestern Ontario.

Holding partnerships with numerous IT manufacturers, with relationships lasting over two decades, Audcomp has grown to be a well recognized and respected IT company taking pride in the ability to provide extraordinary service. This is partly due to the a management structure that still holds strong today and a solid bench strength to back Audcomp's solutions and services.

Audcomp continues to be on the CDN Top 100 Solutions Providers in Canada, ranking 22nd in 2011.

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