Data Backup & Recovery

Have confidence that your data is protected. Avoid business threatening disasters.

Audcomp Backup Services

Military Grade Protection

Audcomp Backup Services is a cloud solution that protects your data quickly, safely and cost-effectively. With military-grade data protection, ABS offers the fastest possible backups – up to five times faster than other backup plans.

Automated Backups

Continuous and undetectable backups of workstations occur without action on the user’s part, allowing you and your team to focus on productivity. You determine the schedule and your backup will automatically take place. Even if your servers are locked or asleep, scheduled backups will occur.

We've Got Your Back

Audcomp Backup Services have proven to be the most reliable and simple way to protect your data. Our flexible recovery options enable you to quickly and safely recover your data to any hardware, when you need it.


With regular backups, you gain peace of mind knowing your data can be easily restored in case of any issues or disaster. The process is streamlined and easy to manage, with the Audcomp taking care of all the technical aspects.

Cost Effective

The cost of backup services is lower than the cost of losing data & experiencing downtime, which can result in lost revenues and productivity. Backup services are scalable, allowing you to easily adjust your data backup needs as your business grows.


A combination of encryption, firewalls and other security measures are used in our backup and disaster recovery systems. Audcomp ensures your data is safe and protected from unauthorized access. Regular security audits keep your systems up to date and free from vulnerabilities.

Safeguard Your Data

Protect your data and ensure business continuity with our reliable Backup and Recovery Services. Contact us today to safeguard your valuable information and secure your business’s future.