Microsoft Teams

Communicate, share files, and collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. Boost your team’s productivity by discovering the benefits of Audcomp’s managed Microsoft Teams.

About Microsoft Teams

What Is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a platform that integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint. It also supports integration with third-party apps.

What Does Teams Do?

Team features include instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration, and project management tools. Teams is especially useful for remote teams who need to work collaboratively on projects in real-time, but it can also be used by in-person teams to streamline communication and collaboration.

Benefits of Managed Microsoft Teams

Audcomp’s Managed IT experts can bring numerous benefits to an organization by managing their Microsoft Teams.

Proper Configuration

Audcomp can ensure that Microsoft Teams is configured correctly and all users have the necessary permissions, which enhances security and prevents unauthorized access.


Our IT professionals are highly trained and understand the inner workings of Microsoft Teams. We can help users troubleshoot issues they might face while using the platform, which saves time and increases productivity.


We provide proper training for users of Microsoft Teams. Increase  the collaboration and communication within your organization, by effectively using Teams, from the beginning. We are available as a point of reference for outstanding questions and support as part of our managed service offerings.

Integration with other Applications

Audcomp also assists with integrating Microsoft Teams with other applications, such as SharePoint and OneDrive, which further streamlines workflows and enhances productivity.

Take your Team to the Next Level.

With features like chat, video conferencing, document sharing, and more, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to work together and get things done.

Contact Audcomp today to sign up for Microsoft Teams today and see how we can help your organization reach new heights of success!