We Are Audcomp

Since our humble beginnings in 1986, Audcomp has delivered IT solutions and services that not only meet clients’ ever-changing needs, but also exceed their expectations.

In addition to the full suite of IT services and IT consulting, our team of IT specialists can provide training, implementation and procurement services to businesses and institutions, including: SMB, Enterprise, Municipalities, Universities, Colleges, School Boards, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many other verticals.

While every Audcomp client is unique, our focus with every consultations is singular: simplify and maximize the efficacy of IT.  Our goal is to handle your IT so you can stay focused on what you do best. No matter the size or scope of your IT projects, our skilled IT professionals create, implement, and manage customized solutions to suit your unique needs and budget.

Our History


Our President, Gary Sohal, started Audcomp in 1986 while attending McMaster University. Gary is a pioneer in the IT industry.

A year later the world wide web was invented.


Audcomp wins large contracts with school boards, university,hospitals, and other institutions. Audcomp grew exponentially during this era.

Microsoft Windows 3.1 was invented.


Audcomp retail store front expands.

The invention Windows 95 was a huge evolution leading to “PC in every home”.


The booming digital age led to the success and expansion of the technology industry. Audcomp lays its footprint in the local economy.

Intel launch’s new processors that revolutionize the PC industry.

Audcomp builds faster computers.

Microsoft launches Windows 98.


Audcomp partners with the city of Hamilton to supply computer systems across the whole region.


Audcomp turns 20 years old.

Virtualization advances into new levels and VMware Servers are introduced.

Dell Canada partners with Audcomp.


The celebration of a new beginning for Audcomp.

The team moves into the newly built office at 611 Tradewind Drive Ancaster.


Audcomp presents the CONNECT IT Conference at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

Holding over 600 attendees!


Audcomp ranks in the top 30 IT providers in Canada.

The changing IT industry led to new challenges and opportunities for Audcomp. Audcomp’s new Managed IT Services are launched.


Gary Sohal presenting at Audcomp’s annual “4-Pillars of Technology Symposium”. 

Over 40 leading IT manufacturers in attendance.


Audcomp’s Annual Holiday Food and Toy Drive.


Audcomp celebrates 35 years in business.

Audcomp remains an industry leader. Audcomp is the largest MSP in the region.


Post Pandemic Growth, improvements to our systems and tools, a better IT Service for a better customer experience.

Partner With Us

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